About us

  WELCOME to Cactus and Horseshoe Creations handcrafted by Dr. Scott's Welding Ltd. We, Scott and Joyce have owned and operated Dr. Scott's Welding Ltd. since 2004, making custom pieces from horseshoes and other metals along the way. After 16 years of working together as a husband/wife team we have found that Cactus and Horseshoe Creations has become the heart of our business and we would love to share our creations with you and your family.

We started out building coat racks, and now have a great selection of different sizes and shapes to pick from which also have the option of a hat rack. Then we added some owl and moose hangers for fun and with great delight people began buying them for the garden! Check out the metal cactus, a unique piece that will definitely catch your eye and others but be cautious as its quite prickly!!!

We make "WORD" signs out of alphabet letters and are up for making any name/word/numbers that may interest you. Would you like to see your name or your horses name on the wall, we have you covered, we can sell you letters that you can nail up where ever or however you might like OR we can custom weld them together for you. Add some creativity and paint them however you would like! A very popular one has become "HOWDY" as it gets used in the tack room a lot. Available with big hooks to hold your ropes or bridles, or with small hooks for a jacket, whichever you would like, the possibilities are endless.

Getting married, check out our letters for MR and MRS, candleholders, or linked hearts are always a nice touch at any wedding.  Or contact us about making you a custom piece.

Our items are as unique as the people who buy them, there will never be two items identical as each weld is always a little different from the last.

We have recently made the move from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to a ranch north of Buick, British Columbia.   We had kick the idea around for a few years and felt the right time had come to make this change in our lives.  So we packed up our farm and hauled everything from equipment to critters northwards, and everyone is settling in just fine. The longing for some wide open spaces to relax our soul's is just what we were looking for and that is exactly what we have found.  But with a little bit of extra time on our hands in the middle of nowhere, we have decided to take our business online as a result of living off-the-grid!  We are hoping to offer our customers more opportunities to purchase products without the confusion of where to find us.

We hope you will find what you are looking for as you wonder around our site but if by chance you do not, let us know if there is anything we can build you, we offer custom pieces.

Thank you for stopping by and please come again!
Scott and Joyce